The Kuvaninga Energia Project is a natural gas-fired, reciprocating engine-based power plant located approximately 130 km north of Maputo, Mozambique in a rural area of the country targeted for economic development by the federal government . Enventure Partners co-developed the project with Investec Bank, one of the most prestigious investment banks in South Africa. The Project is currently in the process of achieving financial closure and is scheduled to begin construction in the third Quarter of 2012 and commercial operation in the fourth Quarter of 2013.
  • A 40 MW (nominal) power plant incorporating ten (10) GE/Jenbacher reciprocating engines, model JGS 624 GS, that operate in a simple cycle mode; each engine has a capacity, measured at the generator terminal, of 4.029 MW and a fuel utilization efficiency of 41.0% based on the lower heating value of the natural gas.
  • The Project includes a 27 km, 110 kV transmission line, needed to transport power from the Kuvaninga Power Plant to the Lionde Substation, the nearest interconnection point on the EDM (Electricidade de Mocambique) electricity supply grid. In addition, the Project includes a 200 meter buried natural gas pipeline to transport all the natural gas required by the Project from a large SASOL natural gas transmission pipeline to the Project fence. A tap will be added by SASOL, along with a gas pressure reduction and treatment station to meet the requirements of the GE/Jenbacher engines.
  • The Project also includes on-site housing for most of the O&M plant staff and an off-site water well serving local rural residents in the area.
  • The Project is situated on a five (5) hectare site near the town of Chokwe, Province of Gaza, in Mozambique.
  • Financial Close: December 2013
  • Anticipated commercial operation date: Summer 2015
The Kuvaninga project will be constructed in Manjangue, a rural community located approximately 235km Northwest from Maputo and 15km away from the small city of Chokwe. Local community leaders and residents have expressed a deep need for improving water resources. The partners of Kuvaninga have allocated roughly $500,000 to implement a 5-phase social project which includes:

  • A comprehensive water resource report
  • 200m well bore, photovoltaic water pumping and storage tanks
  • A large water distribution system serving Mahenje's 15,000 residents
  • 10 point distribution network including running water for local institutions(schools, infirmary, etc.)
  • Refurbishment of community buildings such as school and infirmary

The Kuvaninga Social Initiative is being directed by David Fernandes, Director of Social Initiatives for Enventure. For more information regarding this project, to make a contribution or participate in this ground-breaking effort, please Email David.

Kuvaninga Energia Project