Early stage development of power generation projects is often done at risk by developers. Enventure is well versed at managing costs and advancing projects to bankability by efficiently managing feasibility and early stage development. Our experience structuring hundreds of projects allows us to overcome the inevitable challenges of project development and limit cost overruns that can doom an initiative.
Enventure is an industry trusted provider of full due diligence services for projects of all technologies. Our in-house experts conduct all development work under the strict principles of Project Finance. Our record of successful project development ensures that we will identify all the risks your project faces. Our established relationships with IPP financiers ensures that we can adapt the appropriate mitigation strategies that guarantee bankability. A general due diligence report from Enventure includes:

  • Executive Summary & Project Description
  • Technology Risk Identification
  • Site Risk Identification
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning
  • Operations and Routine Maintenance
  • Power Sale Risk Identification
  • Fuel/Energy Risk Identification
  • Water Resource Management
  • Technical Input to the Financial Model
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Government Approval Process
  • Insurance Through Construction and Operation
  • Risk Mitigation Alignment of Technical Contracts
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
Enventure's management team has been siting power plants all over the world for over 30 years. We rely on this experience to find and develop optimum sites for Enventure’s own portfolio of projects as well as projects we develop on behalf of others. The article below was written for Power Engineering Magazine by Conrad Anderson, Enventure’s Director of Engineering. It describes key features of the process Enventure uses to find and develop optimum sites for natural gas-fired power plants.

'Siting Gas-fired Power Plants' by Conrad Anderson

The scope for governmental permits and approvals varies significantly from one governmental authority to another and therefore need to be customized for each particular project in each particular country and local governmental authority. Enventure teams up with local consultants familiar with local regulatory issues to reduce regulatory delay and advance our client's projects by:

  • Developing a permitting schedule for the project;
  • Conducting air modeling required for the project;
  • Holding public informational meetings as required;
  • Obtaining wastewater discharge permit;
  • Completing all studies for environmental permitting such as the EIA;
  • All other permits & approvals as needed.
Enventure can call upon some of the largest and most reputable EPC contractors to implement our projects. Having worked across four continents, Enventure has an unsurpassed scope of contracting partners ensuring our projects access to the most capable and cost effective solutions. Our close relationships with equipment manufacturers give us a unique perspective and understanding of this complicated process.
Owners financing their power generation projects off balance sheet, typically called “project financing”, will need to structure project contracts to meet the stringent needs of non-recourse lenders. Enventure can help your project by tailoring proven risk mitigating strategies, including insurance coverage, to protect the lender and the owner against key project construction and operating period risks. Enventure’s Project Risk Allocation Matrix allocates Project risks among the key Project Participants and is the basis for developing term sheets and negotiating each Project Contract identified below:

  • Site Control
  • Off-take for Power, Steam, Chilled Water, etc.
  • Fuel Supply and Transport
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • Operation & Routine Maintenance
  • Major Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Financing Agreements
  • Interconnection